The Just Look 10x Microscope is a palm sized crystal glass optics microscope that lets you explore the small details of the world around you. The microscope goes wherever you go and has infinite uses in all activities, from looking at freckles on your arm to watching ants. you're sure to encounter creatures you've never seen before and explore a world you've never known.

Simple to use, just place on any fascinating object, turn on the light and look through the orange eyepiece, but remember to use safely as you must be extremely close to objects to view them properly. Do not attempt to view objects that could be dangerous or harmful to you.

Illumination is from a bright white LED, powered by 2x LR44 batteries. To change batteries simply unscrew the screw in the back panel adn remove the panel. Always replace both batteries at the same time. Do not mix new and old batteries and do not mix LR44 (Alkaline) batteries with SR44 (Silver oxide) batteries. Once the batteries are replaced simply replace the back cover and tighten the screw.

  Your life will be 10x stranger and 10x more interesting when everything becomes 10x bigger

What's included?

Just Look 10x Microscope

Wrist strap - fitted

2x LR44 Batteries - fitted

Instructions - on rear of blister pack

Dimensions: 65mm x 43mm x 16mm. Wrist strap length 195mm

Packed in a blister pack (See photos) 12 units in a counter display